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Diversity and equal opportunities

As an actively pluralistic institution, the University of Antwerp wishes to be a stimulating environment for all of its members - both students and personnel. The assets and challenges which are typical of Antwerp's diverse population are an additional incentive to focus on equal opportunities. We go about doing this by raising awareness, introducing policy measures and taking on specific projects.

Both policy matters and the activities themselves are coordinated and supported by the Diversity team, which is part of the University & Community Department:

  • Nele Dutry: projects
  • Kristien Seghers: policy
  • Sofie Stas: projects
  • Marie-Ange Van Dijck: administration

Our policy and organisation

An accessible university environment

Men and women at the university

Education for every talent

Equal opportunities


Diversity team
University & Society Department
Campus Middelheim, Building A
Middelheimlaan 1
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Tel. +32 3 265 31 34
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