Would you like to make a material donation to the University of Antwerp Library?


Should you wish to make a material donation, you can contact the University Library. In case the library can accept your donation, we agree on a date for the transfer of the materials. The library can arrange transport in case of large amounts of materials.   

Criteria for acceptance

Donations have to meet a number of criteria to decide if we can accept:

  • Is the donation a relevant addition to the collection of the library?
  • Does the donation fit into the collection policy of the library?
  • Are the materials in good physical condition?

At all times the library can refuse a material donation.

Further information

In case the library accepts your donation, the materials become property of the library. Further details on selection, cataloguing, placing and availability are stipulated in a donation agreement. 

In case (a part of) the donation is not accepted, the library will try to find an alternative. Materials can be offered to another library, but exchanging or selling can also be an option. In case (a part of) the materials are sold, the revenues will be used for the library collections. Every donator will receive a letter of gratitude.