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Teachers and their students

The University of Antwerp regularly organises or provides support for  workshops, lectures, interactive theme days, contests and so on for teachers and their pupils. Here is an overview of the annual and biennial activities organised on the university's campuses or on location. One-off activities are listed in the calendar. (link leggen)

Experiment with CO2!

Workshop on climate change, aimed at pupils first grade secondary education.
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Chemistry student for a day

Pupils can get an idea of what it is like to spend a day at university as a student of redox chemistry. Final-year secondary school students get the chance to revise what they should know during a lecture, and a practical and exercise session. The chemistry day is organised annually at the beginning of the year (January-February) and the sessions are aimed at students in the 6th year of secondary education.
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Studio STEM

During Studio STEM, from 1 to 6 February 2018, pupils of the 3rd grade of secondary education can sample a selection of workshops from the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences.
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Mathematics in-sight

How is life at the university ? Come and have a day of classes in Mathematics with your class on Monday 5 February, Tuesday 6 February or Thursday 8 February 2018!
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Kekulé Youth programme 2018

Looking for an inspiring afternoon on science for students from the 2nd grade? Do you want to introduce them to current scientific research? Do you like to make them think about the role of science in our daily lives? Then you are most welcome on our lecture afternoon.
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Masterclass in Particle Physics

The Masterclass is a day-long activity that includes particle physics demos, an interactive analysis of collisions in the LEP collider and a video conference with participants from other (European) universities. It is organised every two years on a Saturday.
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A difficult subject, perfect for nicoteens

An interactive presentation about smoking for young people in the third and fourth years of secondary education. The interactive session focusses on the impact of smoking on daily life and health and the social, societal and financial aspects. It's not meant to shock or scold - instead, the presentation gives a heap of informative and surprising facts about the consequences of smoking. The presentation can be given on request for students in the third and fourth years of secondary education.
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RoboCup Junior

RoboCup Junior is an annual international robot competition for young people aged between 8 and 18. Young people build and programme robots, and then compete against other teams in one of three challenges: dancing, life-saving or football. RoboCup Junior is organised by Vrije Universiteit Brussel and several other partners, including the University of Antwerp.

Lecture series

Attend lectures as a teacher or with your class from following seies: 'Spectrum', 'Studium Generale' or 'Kekulé Cycle XVII: Realizing the unimaginable'.
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STEM Olympics

Join the STEM Olympics and put your technical talent in the spotlight!